On prejudice

Riporto questo post dal blog Happy Monsters (www.happymonsters.tumblr.com) che seguo per i graziosi disegni e per la simpatia che mi ispira la blogger, Lucy. Simpatia che non può che aumentare dopo aver letto questo suo pensiero, che condivido al 100%.

To you, everyone who enjoys the idea of sex, or is open to sexuality, is a slut. To you, everyone – even a complete stranger – who gets into a threesome on a drunken night is a whore. To you, everyone who is atheist is anarchist and has no morals. To you, everyone who drinks and parties has no future. To you, everyone who isn’t a virgin is “that dirty slut” that you’ll trash-talk about and never talk to again. To you, everyone who is pro-choice is heartless and immoral.

I won’t name anybody, but I saw a post saying “my biggest regret ever is engaging in a threesome on a drunken, sloppy night. I feel like such a slut” with a reblog saying “because you ARE one”. It’s already her biggest regret and you’re making her feel even worse about herself – who, might I add, is a complete stranger to you – by trash talking? I was also once asked by a friend in my circle, while watching Juno, “She has a baby at 16? She had sex at 16?! How could she waste away all her future like that? Such a sex-addicted slut.” all the while making derogatory comments and faces. Hey, Juno is cool, okay?

I thought we were already taught not to call people names, that not all Muslims were terrorists or not all rich people are snobs, in middle school already. Please stop with the name-calling and looking down on people you don’t know based off of one aspect of their judgment (or lack thereof); there’s more to a human being than one drunken mistake. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; to others, their decisions are as justified to them as yours are to yourself. They’re as ready as you are, to point your own fingers at people, to point theirs at you through nitpicking at your tiniest of flaws and your nastiest of (perhaps not literally) drunken decisions.



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