Differences kill freedom?

It’s the end of the web as we know it « Adrian Short. An interesting post about how Facebook is taking control of what we do on the Internet by tracking secretly our activities on many websites, about how depending on a web host is not a good thing for a blogger who wants freedom and complete control on their work, and about the way social networking is changing the way the Internet works – and that’s not so positive as it seems. I tried to delete my Facebook profile once, but as I had to save one by one all the photos I shared, and those I was tagged in, and write down on my address book all the email addresses and birthdays of my friends, that Facebook collects in my place, I realized how hard it would be. And I gave up. But I’m pretty more careful now. If I want to defend my privacy and give less information possible to big companies who want my data to turn my freedom into money, well, paying attention is simply not enough. What shall I do, then?



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